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  • New product line launched in 2019 (2 series : E2, N2, H2, SCALP2, NP1+)
  • Participated in CES 2019 (Las Vegas Exposition)
  • New product line launched in 2018 ( 1 series : B1, E1, N1, H1, K1, F1)
  • Rental business launched (home shopping)
  • B2B alliance with Korea’s largest home-to-home visit sales company
  • Awarded Korea’s Most Beloved Brand in 2018 hosted by ChosunIlbo, March 29
  • Launched new product beauty device (NP1-AIR, NP1, Scalp Stone, Aqua Cleanser)
  • Completed the construction of second office building in Itaewon; Opened Tenminds Town (September)
  • Awarded grand prize for 2018 Star Brand (in the portable massaging device category)
  • Launched Hug Breo, a mass market product; Sold in Hi Mart and large discount stores, E-mart
  • Awarded Grand Prize in 2017 No. Brand Award, hosted by JungangIlbo.
  • Launched Aquaqu, a beauty face mask compatible with Breo; Accessory lines added such as Natural Pillow
  • Brand ambassador: Sangmin Lee
  • [Ten Minds] Opened Refresh Ten Minds Café.
  • [Ten Minds] Opened Space Ten Minds Performance Hall.
  • [Ten Minds] Built new office building in Itaewon, Ten Minds House
  • [Ten Minds] All brands are incorporated into Ten Minds brand
  • [Korea Breo] Launched anti-aging cosmetic Needle Aqua
  • [Korea Breo] Body relaxer Breo is sold in department stores and duty free shops
  • Collaboration Koress x Breo
  • [YolshimeeComms] Opened My For Ten service (former Pay Minus)
  • [Korea Breo] Launched smart beauty life brand Natural Relax
  • [Korea Breo] Natural cosmetics Koress is sold in department stores and duty free shops
  • [Korea Breo] Body Relaxer Breo is sold in duty free shops, department stores, Hot Tracks and Electromart.
  • [YolshimeeComms] Yedaham is sold on Home & Shopping, Lotte and CJ Home Shopping
  • [YolshimeeComms] Yedaham opens at Busan Center and Daejon Center
  • [Korea Breo] Korea Breo Co. Ltd. established.
  • [Korea Breo] Body relaxer Breo is launched.
  • [Korea Breo] Body Relaxer Breo is sold at duty free shops
  • [GeumchangComms] Yedaham launches a call center
  • [YolshimeeComms] PIMS license is acquired
  • [YolshimeeComms] ISMS license is acquired
  • [YolshimeeComms] INNOBIZ license acquired
  • [YolshimeeComms] Yolshimee Communications site is renewed and opened
  • [YolshimeeComms] Signed contract for outsourced online ads for financial services
  • [GeumchangComms] Geumchang Communications Co. Ltd. is established.
  • [GeumchangComms] Raina Life Insurance starts insurance business
  • [YolshimeeComms] Yolshimee Communications is established.
  • [YolshimeeComms] Online marketing business is launched.
  • [YolshimeeComms] Online shopping mall advertisement contract is signed (Auction, 11th Avenue, G Market)
  • [YolshimeeComms] Free Commerce Market Bonus 364 Site opens
  • [YolshimeeComms] Event Reward Market Moneyro site opens
  • [YolshimeeComms] KT Yolshimee Telecom business is launched
  • [YolshimeeComms] KT Call Bonus marketing outsourcing contract
  • [YolshimeeComms] SKT branch and telecom products are sold
  • DNS corporation is established Offline advertisement outsourcing is launched
  • Established